The origin is a prequel story to a novel in the works. the world is familiar, modern but magical. the players each represent an alchemical element and must combine their talents to create the Scorch, a fire that will consume the world.

common questions

Is this an ‘evil’ campaign? sure, if you want it to be.

Is this a ‘good’ campaign? sure, if you want it to be.

do we get to use (guns, swords, shurikens, bananas…)? if it is a weapon that is available today, you are more than welcome to use it. however, it should be pointed out that frozen bananas are not actually a weapon, and will only bruise a person unless you are well trained in using them.

why a prequel campaign? good question. i like the main story, it is set in a far future. that future’s outcome is dependent on the present. i hit a roadblock. this will give me some ideas. fair enough?

character creation roll 3d12 for each stat, keeping the highest 2 rolls. yes this is for high powered characters. yes you will need them. you may re-roll any stat lower than 9 ONCE. if it is still lower than 9, you are screwed. deal with it, you have a 24 something probably, you can live with a 6.

the origin